Air Conditioning

Is your air conditioning not getting cold enough?

It is recommended that air conditioning systems are tested and recharged every 2 years.

Here at Benn and Sons, we use specialist equipment which vacuums out any moisture and old oil, then tests for leaks in the system before any gas is injected. As such, we only charge if the re-gas is successful. You will always receive a print out to show exactly how much gas was removed and how much gas was subsequently injected.

Benn and Sons Air Con Machine

We also use a special ultra violet dye which can be traced in the future if a leak does occur.

We also offer sanitising treatments so if your aircon smells unpleasant, we can cleanse the system and make it fresh.

Air conditioning charges are from £45 for R134a gas and sanitising treatments from £5.

The full system test and recharge takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour and in most cases no appointment is necessary. Just come on down! Although, we do recommend that you call first just to be sure the machine isn’t in use.

Almost all vehicles made before 2018 use R134a gas however, from 2017 onward manufacturers started using R1234 gas. As such, if you provide your registration number, we can confirm which gas your vehicle requires.

Benn and Sons Air Con